“Adaptive Comfort System” One size doesn’t fit all…

A departure from the status quo of the industry; often times one frame doesn’t fit all… Our Patented ACS system accomplishes several tasks:

  1. Provides width adjustments for larger pilots (24 positions).
  2. Greatly increases/decreases weight shift
  3. Torque compensation.
  4. Provides easy removal of the harness and swing arm system for transportation

The proprietary locking system produces one of the strongest swing arm mechanisms on the market and allows for a simple preflight.

  • Adjustable swing arm width 15.5 – 20″
  • 1 preflight location
  • Modular/Removable
  • Tested to over 4-tons

The ACS harness adjustment effectively changes thrust line relative to the pilot’s torso to accommodate short, tall and everything in between. Finally a paramotor that can be adjusted to you.

Dynamic Flight System


Considerable design work went into the development of the DF System (Patented). We succeeded in not only developing a system that can truly mimic the free-flight nature of paragliding but provide stability during takeoff and landing, and most importantly be tunable to suit each pilot’s needs via our limiting pucks.

  • 1-4″ L/R 360° Articulation
  • Interchangeable Limiting Pucks 1-4″
  • Tunable for the beginner pilot to the most hardcore acro pilot
  • 7075-T6 Aluminum

**Genuine Gravity Paramotors Part(s)

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 in


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