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Gravity Paramotors

Raw Material

Aerospace Aluminum (6061-T6 | 7075-T6) no expense was spared when selecting the best quality materials. With Proprietary pre and post Annealing process during manufacturing ensure the most reliable and durable paramotor possible.

Modular Design

Nobody likes crashing, but it happens… Thanks to the modular design – no more bending, welding, etc. to try and make a frame flyable again. With our modular design merely replace the part(s), and you are back to a new frame.


Adaptive Comfort System

(Adaptive Comfort System) One size doesn’t fit all…
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Hoop Tensioner

“Power Forward Safe”

Patent Pending

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Fuel Tank

Removal Tank System
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Dynamic Flight System

The Ultimate Flight Experience!
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The most advanced, versatile, durable and pilot customizable paramotor available in the world. Every aspect of the frame is tunable to ensure the paramotor fly’s the way you want it and provides the most comfortable flight possible.


During the design process – safety was our primary concern. From our Dyneema netting system to our “patent pending” swing arm mechanism each component was engineered to ensure a factor of safety well exceeding the industry standard. With FE analysis, CAD simulations and real-world stress testing we ensured each component would handle a pilot load exceeding 350lbs at over 9G’s.

Nobody Does Adrenaline Like We Do Period..


Gravity Paramotors

Dynamic Flight System


Considerable design work went into the development of the DF System (Patent Pending). We succeeded in not only developing a system that can truly mimic the free-flight nature of paragliding but provide stability during takeoff and landing, and most importantly be tunable to suit each pilot’s needs via our limiting pucks.

  • 1-4″ L/R 360° Articulation
  • Interchangeable Limiting Pucks 1-4″
  • Tunable for the beginner pilot to the most hardcore acro pilot
  • 7075-T6 Aluminum

Fuel Tank

Removal Tank System

Our fuel tank removal system allows for easy one-handed removal. Gone are the days of trying to tip a paramotor upside down to remove old or dirty fuel. Both fuel port locations were carefully selected to allow for easy fueling with consideration to ergonomics and harness feel. The fuel tank features no-leak quick disconnects and one-way vented fuel caps to ensure gas stays in the tank during operations, storage or transport.

  • 14/15L
  • Non-yellowing material
  • Easy carry handle
  • No-leak system
  • Duel Vent System ( helps prevent engine lean conditions )

Standard Tubing

“Most paramotors”
  • Higher Drag
  • Poor directional strength
  • Poor offset airflow drag

ELD Tubing

ELD(Extremely Low Drag)
Defy Exclusive
  • Engineered separation point
  • Stronger hoop, while minimizing drag
  • Low offset airflow drag

Traditional Airfoil Tubing

“Newer paramtors”
  • Limited Drag
  • Only for one dimension
  • Higher drag when offset airflow is present.

Hoop Structure

“Power Forward Safe”

A hoop structure that can take any launch type you can throw at it… The seamless construction and low profile spare placement allow the paraglider lines to easily slide around the frame during launch, no line snagging. Our patent-pending wire tension system provides a hoop strength to weight ratio unheard of in the industry and provides the extra rigidity necessary to survive hard-landings or failed takeoffs.

  • 400lbs of tension
  • Easy removal and packing
  • Snagless design
  • Modular part design




(Adaptive Comfort System) One size doesn’t fit all…

A departure from the status quo of the industry; often times one frame doesn’t fit all… Our patent pending ACS system accomplishes several tasks:

  1. Provides width adjustments for larger pilots (24 positions).
  2. Greatly increases/decreases weight shift
  3. Torque compensation.
  4. Provides easy removal of the harness and swing arm system for transportation

The proprietary locking system produces one of the strongest swing arm mechanisms on the market and allows for a simple preflight.

  • Adjustable swing arm width 15.5 – 20″
  • 1 preflight location
  • Modular/Removable
  • Tested to over 4-tons

The ACS harness adjustment effectively changes thrust line relative to the pilot’s torso to accommodate short, tall and everything in between. Finally a paramotor that can be adjusted to you.

ACS System


“Defy Paramotor”

Aerospace Aluminum (6061-T6 / 7075-T6)
3K Carbon Fiber, Aviation Grade Hardware
*Accommodates all 130cm propellers on the market
Vittorazi Moster Plus (Dark Evo)
*Mounting for Polini, Minari and EOS
*Approximate weight depends on harness/engine combo
Fuel Tank
14/15L usable fuel
*Quick Disconnect System (Replaceable)
Swing Arm
15.5 – 20inch Riser Spread – Adjustable
*Quick Release System (Patent Pending)
5′-6.5′- 150lbs – 360lbs
* Adjustable to suit pilots of all sizes
Convenient Travel Size
*Final pack dimensions provided late 2018
SupAir Proprietary Harness System
Size – S | M | L

Designed By Paramotor Pilots For Paramotor Pilots

Fly The Best – Gravity Paramotors

Gravity Paramotors had one simple goal – build the best paramotor possible… Our team spent 5 years working to develop a paramotor that would satisfy not only the beginner but hardcore acro pilot, and everybody in-between; the Defy paramotor’s combination of features, durability, and flyability will be sure to please. While there is no perfect paramotor, this paramotor ticks more boxes than any paramotor that has come before it. See below to take advantage of our introductory offer.


  • Complete Defy Paramotor
  • Custom SupAir Harness ( S / M / L) –  Separate Gravity Paramotors EU Certification!
  • Vittorazi  Moster Plus – Dark Evolution
  • 130cm Gravity Paramotors Helix Carbon Propeller ($390 value)
  • Level 1 Swing Arm Pucks, Level 2 – 4 pucks by special order
  • Vittorazi RH V-Throttle ($149 value) (LH by special request, may delay shipping)
  • Steel Carabiners ($80 value)
  • Vittorazi Prop Space ($20 value)
  • Full Frame Parts Bag ($300 value)
  • Free Shipping (Cont. USA)

** Please coordinate with your dealer for your machine delivery date.